Career Exploration

Are you considering study or work options?
“What do I want to do?”
“What am I interested in?”
“What am I good at?”
If you are asking yourself these questions, then this program is for you.


This program is beneficial for individuals who want to explore options for careers, for individuals who simply want to enrich their career or those looking to make the transition to a different area. Very helpful for school leavers, choosing university courses, to make your work more interesting, or for a total change in direction.

In this program you will complete an assessment and receive a one hour phone coaching session with a qualified Career Coach.  



This program will assist you to:-
  • identify what it is that motivates you to do your best
  • create a map for a satisfying and rewarding life of work and leisure by exploring your interests in depth
  • direct your own career exploration at different stages of your life
  • identify career options that correspond with your interests
  • choose appropriate training and education courses
  • decide on focus area for your future
  • determine the learning environments you prefer
  • identify what you can contribute in a work or leisure environment
  • learn about your preferences for leadership
  • learn about your preferences for risk taking
  • learn about your preferences for team work
  • make your work more interesting
  • achieve satisfaction in your work
You will explore your core interest areas, undertake activities designed to stimulate opportunity awareness with support and guidance from your career development practitioner to help you further integrate your learning and self understanding.

This program is delivered via a combination of email, phone and online assessment.



This program can start anytime.



$235  + gst
Please contact us for more information or making your booking here.