Case studies


Mr Lee worked as an Engineer in his home country, but was unable to secure a position in Australia.  Feeling very frustrated he decided it was time to pursue an alternative career.

He completed a course to start his own franchise business, but as he began working in his new business he found that many Australians were having difficulty understanding what he was saying and as a result, he was missing out on valuable work.    This was very frustrating for him, so he decided to enrol in a 13 week Accent Reduction course to reduce his strong accent.

During the course he found out what his problem areas were, not just with his accent, but in other aspects of his English communication as well.  He began working on these diligently and before his course was finished, he commented,

“everyone, including my colleagues, has told me that my Australian accent is much better than before.  I find it is much easier speaking with customers now.”

Mr Lee found that his conversations with customers were improving and he began enjoying his work more.   Before long, his business was keeping him very busy, thanks to his kind, friendly personality and his improved confidence in his speech.

If you would like to find out how an Accent Reduction course can help you, please contact us for more information. 
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Mr Takeshima applied for a job and was lucky enough to get an interview.   After having his interview he received some feedback that he needed to reduce his accent as it was difficult to understand him and that was why he was not successful with his application.

He began an Accent Reduction course with Australia English Institute and began practicing the exercises that he was recommended to do on a daily basis.   Around week 8 of his course he had another job interview.  He applied all the strategies he was learning in his course to communicate his answers to the interview questions.   This time he was successful.   He got the job!

At the end of his course he completed another assessment of his English speech.   He had achieved 80% improvement, since beginning his course, which was a wonderful result.

He commented:

I was taught how to make correct pronunciation for each sound and how to produce and project my voice effectively to listeners. I achieved more than 80% improvement comparing my accent at the beginning and end of the program. I found a job towards the end of the program, which played an important role in achieving the outcome.” (Mr Takeshima, Engineer, Japan)

If you would like to find out how an Accent Reduction course can help you, please contact us for more information. 

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Mrs Louw came to Australia from South Africa over 10 years ago.  Working as a nurse in a big hospital she became increasingly frustrated with patients always asking her to repeat herself when she was explaining things to them and giving them instructions.   Sometimes even her colleagues didn't quite catch what she said.  She finally decided it was time to do something about it, so she began a 13 week Accent Reduction course.  

As her course progressed she became more and more confident with her speech and was able to correct areas that she was previously having trouble with.  At the end of her course we received these comments from her:

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for the accent reduction course and your patience with me.  For 10 years I have been struggling with patients not understanding me.  But now they understand me clearly and I have much more confidence.” (Mrs L, Nurse, South Africa)

If you would like to find out how an Accent Reduction course can help you, please contact us for more information. 
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Mr Acosta from Columbia had a good position working in Australia, but was wanting to get a promotion at work.   He had a few interviews previously but never succeeded in getting the job.   He enrolled in an Accent Reduction course and because of his remote location, he received his weekly coaching by webcam and regularly completed the exercises in his online coursework.

Midway through his course he got another interview for a promotion at work.   He couldn't believe it, this time he got the job. 

“The course was great, it gave me confidence and all the practical tools I needed to improve my English and reduce my accent. Proof of this was the 3 or 4 unsuccessful job interviews I had prior to the course. After only half of my accent reduction course was completed I went for another interview which was successful thanks to the personalized teaching methods and genuine commitment of my coach that made the course very enjoyable and effective. I had asked several other companies prior to finding Australia English Institute, each of them told me it was impossible to get results without lessons in person.  However my accent coach at Australia English Institute tailored the program to my specific requirements regardless of the fact that I lived in a remote area and we could not meet face to face. Thanks again for your dedication, help and patience.”  (Mr Acosta, Scientist, Columbia)

If you would like to find out how an Accent Reduction course can help you, please contact us for more information.
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