Student Comments

 quoteI am a student with 6 years of experience living and studying in several English speaking countries and still struggled with getting the IELTS score I wanted as I was extremely bad at casual conversations and tended to get super nervous in test settings. I got a 7.5 in speaking recently after taking a course offered by Australia English Institute. It was a considerable jump from 6.5 given by the interviewer from the mock test taken 30 days earlier. My tutor not only helped me with improving my English skills, she also came up with strategies tailored for me so that I could overcome my nervousness and focus on the test itself. Thank you so much for the help!"  (Bohan, Data Administrator, China)

quoteI am writing to inform you that I obtained a band score of 8 in the writing section in the IELTS test.  Before this IELTS Writing course I got a band score of 6 in the last two IELTS writing tests. I needed a band score of minimum 7 in the IELTS test for my professional registration, and now I have an 8.  Thank you for your help".  (Ms Tan, China)

quoteI've got great news: I've passed the IELTS Writing test and the IELTS Speaking test!!!!! And with great results, with a 8.5 for listening, a 8 for reading, and a 7 for both writing and speaking!!   I've received the Test Report Form today, and I feel so relieved now!! I'm really proud of myself, that I've finally beaten this test.  Thanks very much."  (Ilse, Nurse, Holland)

quoteThank you very much for all your help. Because of you, I passed my IELTS writing test, I got 7 for writing, 8.5 for listening, 7.5 for reading and 7.5 for speaking. Thank you for all the feedback :)".  (Stephanie, Italy)

quoteMy results came out!   I got 8 for speaking and 7.5 for writing in the IELTS writing test.   Thank you very much for your support you provided me.  I couldn't have done it without you."  (Jayani, India)

quoteI would like to share with you my fabulous experience with the IELTS Speaking course at the Australia English Institute. I had sat the IELTS four times over a period of two years and the last three times I had received 7.5 at the Speaking component of the test. However, to be able to become a teacher in Australia and to increase my chances of being awarded a Skilled Visa to stay in Australia permanently, I needed 8.0 at the Speaking test. I was desperately looking for assistance on the web and came across the Australian English Institute website.
Each week I had two lessons of an hour each through Skype. Not only did my teacher help me identify the areas I needed to work on to improve my score, but she also did a great job in helping me raise my confidence about this test. I must admit that I was honestly scared of sitting the test again, I had built a huge mental barrier. My teacher was able to help me change my approach to the test. I was then able to sit the test feeling relaxed and confident in my abilities, and this enabled me to show my full potential at an IELTS Speaking test for the very first time. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who needs to enhance their IELTS speaking score. I jumped from 7.5 to 8.5! I had 7.5 at the Speaking component of the test in May before the course, and made this massive jump to 8.5 in July, which is only two months later. It's just fantastic, I honestly still can't believe it! My advice to you would be the following: if you need to improve your IELTS Speaking score but you can't figure out how, don't beat yourself up and instead register for an IELTS Speaking course with Australia English Institute, it's worth it! “  (Cindy, Teacher, Switzerland)

quoteI am a nurse who has studied in Australia for 6 years and still I found it was very difficult to pass the IELTS test.    I have actually struggled after trying three times, particularly with my writing.  But after receiving my IELTS writing lessons, my writing skills have improved dramatically. Compared with my old pieces of writing, it is now making more sense and the structure and content are more clearly outlined.  I am looking forward to doing more study with Australia English Institute." (Xin, Nurse, China)

quote..good teachers and I really enjoyed the IELTS lessons. I think I've already reached some of my learning goals (even before my course was finished)."  (Katrin, Germany)

quoteI am very happy because I had the results of my IELTS test.  Writing 6 and Speaking 6  I am very grateful to you for your wonderful job, the practice was very helpful to improve my English".  (Domenico, Italy) - Domenico progressed from 5 to 6 score.

quoteI just got my IELTS result.   I finally got 7 for speaking.  Thank you so much.   I was so lucky to meet you."  (Lynn, China)  

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