Key Selection Criteria

When applying for a job, particularly in the public service sector, tertiary education sector, health sector and sometimes for private sector positions, it is likely that you will be asked to address the key selection criteria. In this case you will need to prepare a separate document to respond to these, in addition to your resume and cover letter.

Selection criteria are a list of skills, experience, and knowledge that are considered to be either essential or desirable in an applicant for them to successfully perform the duties of the position. They are used to find the best person for the job and are also used as benchmarks against which each applicant is measured.

Selection criteria must be addressed. Many good applicants can be overlooked by not clearly addressing the selection criteria and simply assuming that the selection panel will “read between the lines” in their resume. So it is important to clearly demonstrate your value, as the shortlisting of applicants will be based on your ability to convince the panel that you can meet the essential and desirable skills necessary to perform the job.
Your statement addressing the selection criteria needs to demonstrate how your previous experience, skills, education and training have equipped you to meet the requirements of the position.

Some common examples of selection criteria include:

- demonstrated capacity to communicate effectively
- proven ability to manage projects
- good organisational and administrative skills
- proven ability to work as part of a team
- well developed customer service skills
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