English language skills for high potential employees

Business English
Do you have high potential employees located throughout the world?
Do those employees have high skills sets but lack good English language skills or have a heavy accent?

Often the only thing standing in the way of an employee's advancement is their English language skills and in particular lack of communicative clarity due to the presence of a heavy accent.  This course is designed to assist high potential employees to reach their full potential through developing English communication ability.


"I would recommend this course to anyone who is not a native English speaking person. The very first day I realised why my presentations are not effective.   The course instructor is very experienced in finding the real issues. I was also impressed by the sincerity and commitment of the instructor who walked an extra mile to make my learning effective. At the end of the course, I am a more confident speaker, moreover I know areas where I need to continue my practice to improve it further".(Sunil, Engineer)


Employees located in offices throughout the world, are increasingly communicating multi-nationally with colleagues and clients through the common corporate language of English.  English communicative ability is therefore essential for those employees, and in particular high potential employees, to enable them to reach their full potential.

Designed to achieve maximum results, this intensive course is tailor made to suit the needs of both the individual and the workplace.  The course is conducted in several major cities throughout the world and is available to start at any time.  

This flexible and fully supported course consists of intensive one-to-one training plus the completion of online coursework. 



This course will focus on the following areas:-

  • How to reduce the affects of accented speech
  • English pronunciation
  • How to deliver a message clearly and concisely
  • Strategies to present information to ensure listener comprehension
  • How to present ideas with clarity and impact
  • How to negotiate, avoid misunderstanding and resolve conflict in English
  • Telephone skills
  • English grammar
  • Workplace vocabulary
  • Understanding intercultural communication



This course is available in Australia and internationally.



On request.

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