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Doctors benefit from accent reduction coaching for medical professionals

Written by on April 11th, 2013.      0 comments

Communication is vital between doctors and patients to ensure effective patient care.  Many overseas trained doctors understand this and are now seeking accent reduction training for medical professionals to help them to improve their communication skills with patients and colleagues.  The results of accent training for medical professionals have shown to increase confidence, improve relationships with others and enhance the doctor / patient relationship.

It is essential that patients can understand the information that the doctor is giving them and a strong accent can sometimes be a distraction.   Mispronounced words, instructions spoken too rapidly, as well as inappropriate tones, can cause confusion.

It is important that overseas trained Doctors speak and understand English to a high level so that they can communicate effectively with patients and colleagues.  This includes understanding the slang language and colloquialisms often used by many Australian patients.  Understanding the local language together with clear pronunciation, can enhance the relationship between doctor and patient.

To be a practicing doctor in Australia, overseas trained doctors must meet the Medical Registration Board language requirements plus the English language proficiency requirements as set by the Australian Medical Council (AMC).  Having accent coaching for medical professionals can help overseas trained doctors to improve their English pronunciation skills and perform better in their language tests.

Being able to communicate well is part of being a successful doctor in Australia and some doctors are now recognising just how important it is to their overall effectiveness as a medical practitioner. Many  overseas trained doctors in America are discovering how accent training can improve their communication skills with patients.   Now Australian doctors can also receive Australian accent training to reduce their accent and improve their understanding of Australian English.

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