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How to get great results in the IELTS Speaking test

Written by on March 21st, 2019.      0 comments

Cindy moved to Australia with hopes of becoming a teaching in Australia, but there was one obstacle that she found most difficult to conquer - the IELTS speaking test.     She had sat the IELTS speaking test more than 4 times over a period of two years but was only able to achieve 7.5.   However in order for her to become a teacher in Australia and gain a Skilled Visa, she needed an 8.0 at least.      

She was searching the internet and came across the Australia English website and their specialised IELTS Speaking course taught by a former IELTS examiner.

Her IELTS teacher/examiner was able to quickly identify her problem areas.  Every week she had lessons that focused on her individual areas of weakness.  Each lesson was individually designed and this allowed her to fast track her way to achieving great results without wasting her valuable time learning things she already knew. 

After completing the IELTS Speaking course, she sat the IELTS speaking test again.   This time the results were different.

quote I jumped from 7.5 to 8.5!   I had 7.5 at the Speaking component of the test in May before the course, and made this massive jump to 8.5 in July, which is only two months later.   It's just fantastic, I honestly still can't believe it!

With some focused practice on her speech weakness areas, Cindy was able to get the result she wanted and achieve her dream of becoming a teacher.

You too can achieve your goals and get the results you want in the IELTS speaking test.    Enrol in the Australia English Institute IELTS Speaking course now.    For more information please contact Australia English Institute.

quote My advice to you would be the following: if you need to improve your IELTS Speaking score but you can't figure out how, don't beat yourself up and instead register for an IELTS Speaking course with Australia English Institute, it's worth it! “  (Cindy, Teacher, Switzerland)