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How to become a more valuable employee at work

Written by on December 3rd, 2014.      0 comments

With the Australian Bureau of Statistics showing that unemployment rates are slowly rising in Australia, largely due to today's difficult economy,  the job market is becoming more competitive.  Now more than ever, we need to think about making ourselves more valuable at work.      ​But how do we become an indispensable employee?

Being a more valuable employee, is about being among the best employees.  
If you are always striving to be a better, more valuable contributor, people will inevitably take notice of you and you will get ahead.

The following 5 tips will help you become more valuable in the workplace:-

1.   Be a better communicator.   

Communicate in a clear, concise and thoughtful manner.    Effective spoken English skills can increase the value of your contributions at work.   In meetings speak English concisely and express your ideas clearly to all levels of management.     Effective business English communication skills will also help you to mediate and resolve conflict situations more readily with an outcome of mutual respect and understanding.   

2.   Build relationships.   Use your business English communication skills to build strong workplace relationships with people from all levels in your company.  It also helps to create good first impressions, builds trust with others and helps you to contribute more effectively in teams and within team projects.  

Effective business English oral and written communication skills also assist in building relationships with customers and other external stakeholders.   Not only can this help customers identify with you personally, but also builds client trust in your business encouraging them to engage more with you and your company, which ultimately makes you much more valuable to your employer.  

3.    Keep learning, stay current and plan professional development
Be proactive, learn new skills and increase your level of expertise in your area.  It is important to be informed about the business you are in by keeping current with industry trends and sharing key applicable ideas at work.   

Plan your professional development for 2015 - improve your communication skills by learning to speak more effectively in English or reduce an accent to minimise misunderstandings.  

4.     Exceed expectations
Work to becoming the best you can be in your role.  This means focussing on productivity, flexibility, efficiency and results.   Most workers only do the minimum of what is required, but by going beyond what is expected of you, (for example by taking on additional duties, offering ideas, improving quality and customer satisfaction), will increase your value to the organisation very quickly.   

5.      Maintain a positive attitude
Finally, when you maintain a positive attitude it has a positive effect on others.   Your day is more enjoyable, you feel more energetic and you become more motivating to others.  This is the type of employee most employers seek.   A negative attitude just reflects negatively on you.  

Try these simple exercises:-   
a) each night write down 3 positive events that occurred during the day, as well as the causes of those events.
b) each day, write down 5 things you have to be thankful for.   

As you complete these exercises each day you will find that you become more positive and happier throughout your day.

So choose to have a positive attitude every day and see every problem as an opportunity.   With positivity you can achieve success.

The above are just five ways you can improve your value to your employer.     So start making a difference today - increase your worth, make yourself more valuable at work and improve your chances of getting a job promotion.