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Do you need Accent reduction training?

Written by on May 7th, 2021.      0 comments

So you know you have an accent and you may sometimes not be understood when you speak English.   Perhaps your confidence is low when it comes to speech.  But you know English, you learned the grammar and can pretty much say what you need to in order to get by.  But still something is bothering you about the way you speak.    

So you start searching online, you come across an Accent Reduction course, and ask yourself if you really need this type of training or whether it applies to you.

The term 'accent reduction' means exactly what it says - reducing an accent.  It does not mean elimination of an accent.    In Australia, by attending an accent reduction course you should be trained by a native Australian English speaker who will help you to speak English more clearly and with a slight Australian standard accent.

Ask yourself if any of the following points apply to you:-

- People may not understand you at times.   You may have to repeat yourself occasionally or perhaps often. 

- You don't seem to have much confidence speaking English.  You may sit quietly at work and avoid conversations or speaking up in a meeting.

- You may not feel as though you 'fit in' at work and think that your accent makes you somehow different.

- You feel as though you are going ok in speaking English, but know you need to improve.

- You want to progress your career, but feel your English is holding you back.

If you answered yes to any of the above points then it may be time to seek Accent Reduction training.  With one-to-one training your coach can identify areas of your speech that may be causing you difficultly or where you might be making crucial errors.  They will help you to improve errors you may be making and work on the areas of your speech/accent which may be hindering your communication and effectiveness.

The result - greater self awareness and self confidence.  You will gain the ability to speak Australian English more clearly and effectively and have a willingness to engage in conversation or to speak up in meetings more frequently.

For more information about how you can join a personalised Accent Reduction course or to organise a free consultation, simply contact an accent reduction specialist at Australia English Institute.