Accent Reduction Training For Priests

“I enjoyed the Accent Reduction course.  It has improved my speech, reading and audibility.  Before, people complained that they couldn’t hear and understand me. But now the story is different, they can hear and understand me. 
I strongly recommend this course to others.”  (Fr A Priest, Nigeria)
This Accent Reduction Course for Priests, the first of its kind in Australia, is designed specifically for International Priests ministering in Australia.  

We have tailored courses especially for priests from Italy, India, Africa, South Korea, China and Papua New Guinea.



Specifically designed for International Priests who minister within the Australian community, this one-to-one (or small group) program, is tailored to suit individual needs.

This course will teach strategies and skills to reduce accented speech and increase listener comprehension.  This assists them to proclaim the Gospel and other liturgical texts with clarity and impact.   

Most participants who follow our program and practice as instructed, achieve at least 50% improvement in their English pronunciation.  


This course will focus on the following areas:-

  • Identifying areas of speech that impede communication
  • Reducing the affects of accented speech
  • Strategies to project the voice and speak with clarity
  • English grammar and vocabulary
  • Australian English slang and colloquial language


This course can start at any time.

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"This accent reduction course was very useful for  me to understand , correct and to improve my knowledge about the English language. I found the correct pronunciation of certain words which would get me stuck in conversations and readings. Now I am confident enough to read and speak more beautifully. Thanks for the great assistance."
(Fr. Josen, Priest, India)


I feel fortunate to complete the Accent Reduction Course designed by Australian English Institute. The 12 week  course helped me to gain confidence to preach Sunday sermons and has given me the tools to keep on improving. My instructor was exceptionally good to help me out and I highly recommend this course to those whose mother tongue is other than English.  
(Fr Thomas, India) 


Some of our successful clients include:  

 photo c494e3f2-9c38-484a-8625-814316d1688d_zps2badcca9.gif      Passionists-878Kuraby Mosque