Accent Reduction Training For Mining Personnel

"I learned a lot during my 12 weeks’ Australian pronunciation course, and my English communication skills have improved significantly! I would definitely strongly recommend this course to anyone whose first language is not English and are struggling to improve their skills.”
(Jia, Mining Engineer, China)
Effective workplace communication skills are vital in the mining industry to ensure mine safety and productivity. 
This specially designed program for mining professionals, will enable participants to develop clear communication skills to enhance their working relationships with colleagues and other stakeholders


Participants will complete an accent evaluation and have their results analysed. A program will then be designed which will address specific problematic areas of pronunciation.

Each participant receives full support and ongoing personal feedback for the duration of their program.
Each program includes a comprehensive set of materials and extensive homework tasks.


Participants will:-
-       complete a speech assessment
-       identify personal speech habits that impede communication
-       practice pronunciation patterns that reduce accented speech
-       incorporate speech strategies to communicate meaning and increase listener comprehension
-       utilise active listening techniques
-       practice specific mining industry language
-       learn how to prevent communication breakdown
-       learn Australian slang expressions used by minesite personnel
-       improve vocabulary and use of English grammar
-       understand non verbal communication


This course can start at any time.

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Some of our successful clients include:  

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