Accent Reduction Training For Medical Professionals

Medical English

Improve your communication skills with patients and colleagues - 
Get at least 50% improvement in your accent !


 “I now feel more confident and no longer have to repeat myself when I speak with patients or other staff.”  
(Dr K, Medical Practitioner, India)

Communication skills are essential for the effective practice of medicine and clear communication between medical professionals and patients is vital for effective patient care.  
This Accent Reduction/Communication Skills program for Doctors and Medical Professionals will assist overseas trained doctors and other medical professionals to improve their Australian English pronunciation and understanding of typical Australian expressions often used by patients. In addition, it can assist to strengthen communication between patient and doctor and can contribute to better health outcomes for the patient.
“I just wanted to say thank you very much for the Accent Reduction course and your patience with me.  For 10 years I have been struggling with patients not understanding me.  But now they understand me clearly and I have much more confidence.”
(Mrs L, Nurse, South Africa)



This specially designed program for overseas trained medical professionals, will enable participants to develop clear communication skills to enhance their working relationships with patients and colleagues.    The goal of accent modification training is not to eliminate your accent, but to improve your communication skills in English. You will learn how to change your speech pronunciation patterns and with practice and guidance, you will be able to communicate more clearly and successfully with patients and colleagues.



Participants will complete an accent evaluation and have their results analysed. A program will then be designed which will address specific problematic areas of pronunciation.

Each participant receives full support and ongoing personal feedback for the duration of their program.
Each program includes a comprehensive set of materials and extensive homework tasks.

Participants will:-
-       complete a speech assessment
-       identify personal speech habits that impede communication
-       practice pronunciation patterns that reduce accented speech
-       incorporate speech strategies to communicate meaning and increase listener comprehension
-       utilise active listening techniques
-       practice common workplace language and dialogue
-       learn clarification techniques
-       learn how to prevent communication breakdown
-       learn Australian slang expressions used by patients
-       improve vocabulary and use of English grammar
-       understand body language


This course can start at any time.

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