Accent reduction course Canberra

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 Reduce your accent with this one-to-one Australian accent course in Canberra.
Custom designed Accent Reduction courses are designed to meet your particular needs and with one-to-one training, this course will help you reduce your accent and speak like a native Australian speaker.
Accent reduction coaching in Canberra are conducted one-to-one (or in small groups by request) and are held at a time to suit you.
Canberra Location:

Accent reduction training is held in London Circuit, Canberra (weekdays only).  The training facility is located a short distance from Australia’s Parliament House and is just a 10-minute drive from Canberra Airport.
Australian Accent training can also be held at your location in Canberra, by request (weekdays and weekends).

Please contact us to request a start date.