Accent reduction course Perth

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Reduce your accent with this one-to-one Australian accent course in Perth.

If you want to improve your Australian accent and speak more like a native Australian speaker, this course is for you.

We custom design an accent reduction course in Perth that will meet your particular learning needs, regardless of your language background.

As a result of our accumulated wealth of experience, we have developed an accent reduction system in Perth that works.  The results speak for themselves.
Takeshima (Japan) 80% improvement
Mrs Zhang (China) 74% improvement
Emad (Iraq)            83% improvement
Jose (Venezuela)   72% improvement
Dr Cheh (Iran)        78% improvement

Get at least 50% improvement in your Australian accent.

Accent reduction coaching in Perth is conducted one-to-one (or in small groups by request) and is held at a time to suit you.
Perth Location:

This Accent Reduction course is held in St Georges Terrace Perth (Monday to Friday only). The training facility is conveniently located in the heart of the Perth central business district, easily accessible with public transport nearby.
Accent training can also be held at your location in Perth, by request (weekdays and weekends).

Please contact us to request a start date.