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(Mr Liu, China)


quoteI now feel more confident and no longer have to repeat myself when I speak with patients or other staff.”
(Dr K, Medical Practitioner, India)


quoteBefore this Accent Reduction course I didn’t know how to speak properly.  Here, I have received the guidance I needed.  I found the root of my accent problem and I have been given support to help me solve the issues.  I am glad that I made the decision to take this accent course, it made a huge impact on the way I speak English.  Thank you.”
(Mr Wang, Accountant, China)


quoteI am so delighted  to share my experience about the Accent Reduction course. It is really a fantastic and very useful course. In only 12 weeks, I have learned many things I did not learn throughout years of self study. My communication, reading, listening and speaking skills have significantly improved. I am also really happy that my audience now better understands my speeches. My instructor was very skillful to pick up and correct my mistakes and mispronounced words.  I would like to thank her for her gentleness and equipping me to complete the course successfully.
(Ahmed, Egypt).

quoteI highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their English skills and speak clearly and professionally in day to day life or in the workforce.  In my first class I realised that what I had spoken for years was not 'English'.  I was not aware that I had a really funny accent.  My trainer was excellent at identifying the errors I was making and explaining the subtle differences between words and was able to correct me in a way I was able to understand.   The guidance and support I received throughout the course has made a significant positive impact in my life and I will apply what I have learned and continue to practice the skills to improve my English in the future.
(Wanyi, Accountant, China)

quoteI really loved the course, it was really helpful.   This is the best course I have ever done"  
(Mr Cheng, Senior Manager, China)

quoteMy instructor was able to identify all my bad habits and took me through various practices to improve them. My instructor was kind, friendly and also flexible with time which helped me a lot when I had a busy schedule. Overall, my English communication is now clearer, and easier for people to understand. The outcome of my Accent reduction course is outstanding and I would recommend it to anyone who speaks English as a second language.
(Mr Liu, Media Professional, China)


quoteI have learned so much and I have become more familiar with what I need to improve and how I can achieve my goal. The Accent Reduction course definitely had a positive effect on my language and I am more confident with my job now.”
(Dr Cheh, University Lecturer, Iran)


quoteIt was great training.  My communication skills improved a lot.  I'm more confident in my communication with other people and in my workplace.   Everyone noticed a big improvement in my accent.  I would like to say thank you to my teacher and to all the crew in the Institute"  
(Mr Kalanda, Pilot, Eastern Europe)


quoteThank you very much for encouraging me and guiding me throughout the accent reduction course. I have learned a lot of skills and I feel my awareness of English communication has now reached a new level. I will continue to apply the skills I have learned in my daily life.”
(Li, Accountant, China)


quoteI participated in 12 weeks of training with the aim of improving my English pronunciation skills at work.  I achieved a high improvement in my pronunciation.  I am very pleased that I had the opportunity to work with a very professional and outstanding teacher.  I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks a lot to Australia English Institute”.
(Mr Timalsena, Manager, Nepal)

quoteThe course is quite effective compared to other courses I have taken.  I am really happy with the content.”
(Marcelo, Geologist, Chile)”

quoteFantastic course – the instructor was very knowledgeable and motivated, and will help you improve your English speaking skills.”
(Dmitri, University Lecturer, Russia)


quoteIt was a wonderful and valuable experience for me.  The Accent Reduction course helped me to gain confidence in improving my Australian accent.  I believe it provides me a tool to continually improve my Australian accent for the rest of my life.  I really enjoyed the whole course and appreciated the teacher’s kindness, patience and encouragement during the course.  It’s flexibility was suitable for my busy schedule and by attending to the constructive weekly assignments, it showed me a new angle to understand English.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their Australian accent.”
(Mrs Lin, Accountant, China)


quoteI just wanted to say thank you very much for the Accent Reduction course and your patience with me.  For 10 years I have been struggling with patients not understanding me.  But now they understand me clearly and I have much more confidence.”
(Mrs Louw, Nurse, South Africa)


quoteI enjoyed the Accent Reduction course.  It has improved my speech, reading and audibility.  Before, people complained that they couldn’t hear and understand me. But now the story is different, they can hear and understand me.  I strongly recommend this course to others.” 
(Fr A, Priest, Nigeria)


quoteThe Accent Reduction course was great, it gave me confidence and all the practical tools I needed to improve my English and reduce my accent. Proof of this was the 3 or 4 unsuccessful job interviews I had prior to the course. After only half of my accent reduction course was completed I went for another interview which was successful thanks to the personalized teaching methods and genuine commitment that made the course very enjoyable and effective. I had asked several other companies prior to finding Australia English Institute, each of them told me it was impossible to get results without lessons in person.  However my accent coach at Australia English Institute tailored the program to my specific requirements regardless of the fact that I lived in a remote area and we could not meet face to face. Thanks again for your dedication, help and patience.” 
(Mr Acosta, Scientist, Columbia)


quoteThe accent reduction course really helped me to speak with confidence and to correct mistakes I have been making. Actually all this time I did not know that I was making all those errors in speaking till I started doing this course. I learned a lot about how to improve my communication skills and I never thought some things actually would influence the way I speak and how others will understand me. I recommend this to anybody.”
(D, Lawyer, Sri Lanka)


quoteI’ve completed the accent reduction course. I highly recommend this course, it has not only improved my pronunciation but it has also given me the tools to keep on improving. The teacher was very good; she made me aware of the most noticeable mispronunciations and some mistakes that I would not have noticed otherwise. I always looked forward to my weekly lessons, they were fun!”
(Tania, Nurse, Columbia)


quoteI learned a lot during my 12 weeks’ Australian pronunciation course, and my English communication skills have improved significantly! I would definitely strongly recommend this course to anyone whose first language is not English and is struggling to improve their skills.”
(Jia, Engineer, China)”


quoteWhen I had a job interview, I was given feedback that I needed to reduce my accent. That’s how and why I decided to enroll in the accent reduction program, which suited my objectives. I was taught how to make correct pronunciation for each sound and how to produce and project my voice effectively to listeners. I achieved more than 80% improvement comparing my accent at the beginning and end of the program. I found a job towards the end of the program, which played an important role in achieving the outcome.”
(Mr Takeshima, Engineer, Japan)

quoteIt has been very nice to learn from you over the last few months.  I certainly do feel more confident in speaking now and I think the course is very helpful."  
(Mr Wang, Geologist, China)


quote…good teachers and I really enjoyed the lessons. I think I’ve already reached some of my learning goals (even before my course was finished).” 
(Katrin, Student, Germany)

quoteI am really glad that I had the opportunity to work with a professional and outstanding teacher. She helped me a lot and my English pronunciation has improved significantly.”
(Roberta, MBA Student, Italy) 


quoteI just wanted to let you know that I got the job at ...., the job interview we practiced in the Accent Reduction course. Thanks for your help.  (Daisy, Columbia)

quoteThe training was wonderful.  The teacher is full of wisdom.  The content and structure of this English Oral Communication course is excellent.  To other people considering this training - this course is the best.”
(Godfrey, Africa) 

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