Accent Reduction Training For Pilots

Aviation English

"It was great training.  My communication skills improved a lot.  I'm more confident in my communication with other people and in my workplace.   Everyone noticed a big improvement in my accent.  I would like to say thank you to my teacher and to all the crew in the Institute"  
(Mr Kalanda, Pilot, Eastern Europe)
Is your level of English proficiency impacting on your ability to effectively communicate with Air Traffic Control and other aircraft? 
Miscommunication has been a contributing factor resulting in accidents within the aviation industry.  Whilst international pilots need to be proficient in English, reducing the impact of an accent can have significant benefits toward communicative success and therefore toward safety outcomes within the industry.

If your accent is impacting on the effectiveness of your spoken communication, then this Accent Reduction training for Pilots course, will help you.



This specially designed program for international pilots, will enable participants to reduce the impact of their accent and develop more clarity in their spoken communication skills.   
Participants will complete an accent evaluation and have their results analysed. A program will then be designed which will address specific problematic areas of pronunciation.

Each participant receives full support and ongoing personal feedback for the duration of their program.
Each program includes a comprehensive set of materials and extensive homework tasks.
Participants will:-
-       complete a speech assessment
-       identify personal speech habits that impede communication
-       practice pronunciation patterns that reduce accented speech
-       incorporate speech strategies to communicate meaning and increase listener comprehension
-       utilise active listening techniques
-       practice specific aviation industry language
-       learn how to prevent communication breakdown
-       practice typical radio communication tasks and checks
-       improve vocabulary and use of English grammar
-       improve listening comprehension


This course can start at any time.

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Some of our successful clients include:-

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